Developing mobile apps for iPhone, iPad or Android or unique web application. Our specialty in Bordeaux since 2008.

We create applications for us. We develop applications for you. Are you thinking of an innovative project, for public or professional use ? We can help you to accelerate it. :

Design support • Proof Of Concept • Création Interface • Web application • Mobile app • Back Office • IOT

Originally created to bring highly innovative projects with augmented reality, Kasual Business has been quickly approached by large companies and startups to create custom applications with best user experience practices. Native language recognition, object, shapes or logos recognition and Machine Learning have no secrets for our development team. Kasual Business also developed big expertise in implementation and management of e-commerce webstores such as Magento and PrestaShop.

Kasual Business IoT expertise : Interactions between mobile applications, core infrastructure and connected objects offer multiple opportunities for automation and simplification in daily life such as business processes. We design and develop connected devices applications with Bluetooth LE, Wifi or SIGFOX LORA technologies, mainly for home automation.


  • Sports Aventure

    Complete graphical chart redesign. Webstore migration on a MAGENTO community scalable solution integrating an embedded ERP management tool. Point of sales connected in the solution. Deploying Dropshipping solution. Creation of specific modules for customer needs. Migration du site e-commerce sur une solution évolutive intégrant un outil de gestion de type ERP. Intégration des points de vente dans la solution. Déploiement d'une solution de DROPSHIPPING. Création de modules spécifiques pour les besoins du client.

  • Footballeur Pro // UNFP

    Social networking aggregator for professional football players.

  • Bob Booking

    Mobile contact management and booking application interfaced with ERP leader for music professional workers.

  • Dekra

    Web & androïd tablet application to follow the certification of employees throughout their professional career.

  • Smart Bordeaux

    Official application of the Internationnal Committee of Bordeaux Wines to match all information of Bordeaux wines by photographing the bottle.

  • Bliiip

    Go shopping in one single Bliiip!

  • évoé Wine

    Cellar management Tablet application for professionals (wine shops / restaurants). Bluetooth connection to a terminal.

  • AppSquare

    Find the useful applications around you.

  • Hawk

    Market place for drone professionals. Responsive web application and associated backend.

  • SDK Meter Scanner

    Integrate a scanner of energy meter into your applications.


Our customers trust makes us grow.
Their satisfaction is a priority for us.

Creating simple SDK or complex application creation, mobile native IOS / Android, Hybrid, WEB responsive, server and associated API.Our expertise has grown thanks to the confidence of our customers.

Kasual Business, Smart mobility.
We know how to use best practices and our internal innovation to create sublime applications.

Our competence ranges from the creation of the graphic chart to the technical implementation and deployment. We use the latest technologies to develop our / your applications. For mobile applications iPhone, iPad or Android, we prefer to develop native language in Xcode, Android Studio or Swift. We always recommend this solution initialy to obtain beautiful and powerful applications. We can also, under certain simple configurations with few calls to the native phone functions, develop hybrid applications. For web applications / server we use well on HTML5 and CSS technologies. Our preferred development languages ​​for our applications for both customer frontend or back office interfaces are Node.JS, Angular, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Python PHP for our old projects. We provide always a very special attention to the user experience and applications design (UI / UX Design / Material Design). Our project methodology is based on a strong reactivity of our teams and a trusted relationship with our customers which enables us to work on all phases moving forward the project into production usually through the achievement of a proof of concept resulted. We always do a first meeting to identify the scope of the project and validate the technical and functional guidelines. We take this opportunity to make you enjoy our rich entrepreneurial experience with our successes and failures. Do not hesitate to contact us (link to contact form).


Kasual Business - Intelligent mobility

But it is also and above all a dynamic and passionate team, permanently watching and listening to your needs.

We are Kasual Business. A company of digital services installed in the center of Bordeaux, France. Kasual Business is a team of 9 people, engineers, techies, geek, all passionate in their professions and in constant search of innovations. We allocate a significant portion of our time in research and development to be always at the forefront. Since 2008, we have the chance to realize our own projects and assist our clients in their strategic digital developments. We provide technology watch that allows us to build powerful web or mobile applications. Work with us means having the guarantee of best support in the success of your project.